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Don Feight

Feight Studios was established in 1994 by Paula & Don Feight inspired by the aerospace and aviation art Don was producing at his job at Lockheed Martin. Don has worked at Lockheed Martin for over thirty-three years as a graphic artist.

Airplanes have been a lifelong passion from his early years living on Air Force bases, model building, and drawing airplanes, through the eventual building and flying of a homebuilt Glasair RG aircraft later as an adult.

Much of the inspiration for Don's aviation art comes from his experiences during as a pilot. The low-level flight over the water in "Madman," the blue hole in the dark storm clouds in "Lightning," and the spinning ground in "Performance" are a few examples of experiences of actual flying used to produce aviation art images.

Don Feight's Prints - page 1/2
Don Feight's Prints - page 2/2

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